Inside Zhoe&Tobiah

Zhoe & Tobiah is a kids clothing brand born from a passion and a dream.

The passion for the quality and excellence of handcrafted clothing packaging; and the dream of creating garments close to the needs and tastes of mothers and children immersed in the lively and multifaceted contemporary world.

Creatività e Intelligenza

The passion and the dream belong to the people who work in Creazioni Mariarosa.

It is a clothing company that has forty years of production experience and that stands out in that galaxy of small and medium-sized enterprises of the famous Veneto fashion district, companies with a strong heritage of know-how and a strong taste for beauty and well-made which is the engine of Made in Italy, much admired in the world.


We interpret the creative and lively spirit of childhood, but at the same time never neglect the attention to the quality and naturalness of the fabrics and materials.

We put attention to the quality and naturalness of the fabrics and materials, the craftsmanship of the manufacturing processes for the finishing and sturdiness of the garments, the attention to detail and, last but not least, the attention to the sustainability of the production chain, which means worrying about the future of those same girls and boys who today wear Zhoe & Tobiah.

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