A dream come true

In 2011, my mother Marinma and me, Mariana, her daughter, fulfilled our dream of creating a brand of high quality baby and children’s clothing 100% made in Spain.

We combine both our university and postgraduate knowledge and our long experience in the multinational sector to create a solid brand in the market that allows children to wear designer clothes without leaving aside the comfort of the little ones.

Touch of love

Bonding between mothers and their children through fashion is our main objective, always without compromising style and quality of their garments.

Mamitis garments created in workshops in Barcelona, stand out for the quality of the fabrics and their current designs. For this, we dedicate a lot of effort in selecting the best fabrics and taking care of the smallest detail. Mamitis brand manages to dress the whole family with designs inspired by a casual style and are wearable every day of the year.

Organic Fabrics

The fabrics, carefully chosen and 100% made in Spain.

We use a lot of effort to select the best fabrics and make them, taking care of the smallest detail with patterns designed to make the children´s feel comfortable.

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