Little Inspirations

…with your feet on dry land and one toe that gently touches the water. A ripple. The waves are small, but the effect is great. More and more circles echo over the water. Leaves on the ground, crackling under your shoes. Rustle. Clearly heard, yet subtle. A favorite book, fingers that glide along the pages. Pages full of adventure and words that tell the best stories.


Riffle stands for ripple, rustling, natural, shallow, dreamy, sweet, naughty and willful. With the collections of Riffle we open all senses and stare at the earth, water and air. Treasures can be small animals, stones or old coins. Wind, grass, sand. A natural palette of powdery colors in combination with a powerhouse, such as the shiny gold of a sunset or the dark blue of a swirling winter air.


The first Riffle collection is characterized by baggy pants, suits and sweaters in combination with shorts or skirts. And everything is made with airy fabrics that drape smoothly and sit comfortably. Freedom of movement is the basis, because a ripple, rustling ... riffle only occurs from motion.

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