Douuod Kids

DOUUOD Kids designs and produces children’s wear, shoes and accessories from age 0 to 14.

Clean-cut and refined clothing designed for an easy and natural life style, flowing from extended research in subtle, comfortable fabrics - jerseys, soft fleeces, fluffy knits, lively cottons – with precious details and meticulous design processes.

The inspiration

Children are our future and we all have a social role and responsibility towards the next generations.

The inspiration to create DOUUODKids collections can be sparked anywhere, by an image which becomes fabric, or by traveling abroad and seeing children playing and wearing quirky street wear, or by a casual evening out with friends at the theatre. The many ideas are then transformed into astonishing shades and shapes. Children too become our artists whereby their drawings and messages become a fun print on some of the clothes.


Seasons’ collections, ranges of shoes and accessories are created from an idea turned into subtle and refined products.

DOUUOD Kids relies upon selected producers with an excellent artisan expertise and attention to detail, who will guarantee overall quality to the end product. Their industrial structure meets efficiently and reliably the growing needs of buyers around the world.

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