Mellipou's world is filled with colors, happy mood, and musical notes! Mellipou is above all happy parents! Yes happy because their ears are finally being pampered! No more music namby-pamby to put baby to sleep, now it's time for modernity with our 6 original lullabies: The ``Game of Thrones soundtrack`` for the most watched series of all time, ``Harry Potter`` for the most sorcerers, ``Someone like you``by Adele and ``I just called to say I love you`` by Stevie Wonder for the great romantics, ``Light my fire`` by Doors for the most rock'n'roll of babies and parents and ``La valse d'Amélie Poulain`` Yann Tiersen for the frenchies.


At Mellipou, we know that France has an exceptional craftsmanship that we value. Hence, we prefer for our supplies (fabrics, ribbons, labels...) to be French or otherwise European origin. Our fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified and all our products have the CE standard on the toys so no worries to have for your baby's safety. The quality of our products is our priority.


Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you will be able to put your baby to sleep with your favourite playlist in unlimited from any audio support. The it-bam is remotely manageable and connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth®. You can also connect two devices simultaneously. Thanks to its reception quality the it-bam allows you to choose music from more than 10 meters away.

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