All products are handmade by expert from India, who take care of every little detail. Minividuals uses raw materials of the best quality in the industry. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and machine washable at 30 degrees. Most important: all products are environmentally friendly and comply with the quality and safety regulations for children.


The collections offer a wide variety of carpets and cushions with different designs perfect for babies and mini individuals. As from early years on kids have a perception on what they will become in the future: an artist, captain, pocahontas or sachem, teacher, astronaut, diver, biker, train driver and influencer... or even a really good friend who sends hugs and kisses (XOXO) to his beloved ones... minividuals reflects these desires in it’s designs.


Minividuals is in continuous innovation with their products and expansions, working in new collections with new shapes, textures and colors. Made with 100% cotton, eco-friendly and high quality fabrics. They also include safety controls for children. All products are washable!

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