Have fun with Rosajou!

Rosajou is the first makeup brand dedicated to kids. Created in 2016, our first ambition is to have a fun time! No way to transform our girls in fashion models. Rosajou is for fun. To laugh with the girlfriends, to match its nail polish with its favorite candy, to make colorful kisses to its cuddly toy. And creep behind Mama to copy her when she wears makeup.In the world of cosmetics for more than 20 years, we imagined and created the Rosajou range with care and rigor. To manufacture our products, we have surrounded ourselves with talented companies, uncompromising with quality and safety.


Created with the greatest care by French laboratories. All our cosmetic products are made in France and accessories in France or Europe. Having fun making you look pretty with healthy and light products is the core philosophy of Rosajou. Because our children’s skin deserves the best, our laboratories use quality ingredients and almost exclusively of natural origin. Safe and tested formulas for beautiful and healthy products, adapted to their taste and their skin above all.

Eco & Vegan

Rosajou products are ecological with no added chemicals. The range of products are made with ingredients of natural origin and recyclable packaging. The advantages of rosajou are many! The nail polishes are removed like stickers, without dirtying or contaminating. From lipsticks, nail polishes, blush, eyeshadows ... to super special gift packs!

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