Made in Switzerland

Our natural formulas are much richer in active ingredients than market products. Organic and natural cosmetics for all in which the precious milk, noble oils and the organic floral waters are coupled with alpine plants. An environmentally friendly short line, a suitable production circuit and white mono-material packaging kept to a minimum as well as our formulas with an optimized ecological impact.

No chemistry

We are committed to protecting the entire family skin from any exposure to endocrine disruptors. We have also decided to adhere to ECOCERT and Cosmebio charter in order to guarantee and prove our deep conviction towards natural and organic products. Câlinesse makes the choice of eco responsible formulations that ensure safety for the skin but also for the environment. Packaging are totally recycled after use.

Donkey's milk

It was popularized by Cleopatra who according the legend had 700 donkeys milked to fill her bath! Of the same, pliny the elder used to write in the 1st century after JC “it is believed that donkey’s milk erases facial wrinkles, makes skin more delicate and maintains its whiteness “. This means whether this product has proved its worth over the centuries. Discover the range for children and sensitive skin and the adult range for spa treatments.

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