Slippers, shoes and accessories

Easy Peasy is a French brand of slippers, shoes and accessories for children and their mum. Easy Peasy was created in 2008 from an encounter between two young designers who combined their ecological concerns with their love of hoes to create this brand of slippers. The French brand Easy Peasy seeks to give creation value by offering an eco-designed collection: vegetable-tanned leather certified.

Eco - Family

At Easy Peasy, we believe that by using the right products we respect the health of children, of our employees and protect the planet. To live better together, Easy Peasy is fully committed to build an Eco-family. The name of vegetable tanned leather comes from the tanning process that uses fruits and leaves. The shoes are assembled with water-soluble glues. This process means that there is no danger not even if toddlers put them in their mouths.


In addition, using water-soluble glues ensures that artisans have a healthier working environment. The production of the slippers is done in our workshops in Tunisia and respects the social standards of the country. It is also certified for ISO 9001.

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