Feeding bottles made of Tritan

A feeding bottle that does not contaminate the food inside, without leaving plastic microparticles and keeping the container clean of chemicals and adherents. Le Biberon Français creates feeding bottles made from Tritan (copolyester resin), a recyclable and healthy material for little ones. Colpolyester is an inert material that does not absorb the smell or color of food and does not contain Bisphenol, BPA, BPS and BPF. Made with 100% Tritan that provides transparency, lightness and resistance.


Nipples are key to comfortable and enjoyable feeding. Thanks to its quality and technical specifications, the baby will gladly accept the bottle. With a flow adapted to each age, ergonomic shape and with the presence of an anti-colic valve. Ideal to complement or replace breastfeeding. The slit shape of the nipple has been specifically designed to allow for different flow rates depending on the orientation of the nipple. When the number 1 faces up, the flow will be slow. If the 2 appears at the top, the flow will be average and the fastest flow will be when the number 3 is present. Rotating the bottle will obtain the required flow.

The collection

You will find several models, 360ml and 210ml, individually or by pack. Another patent that has been developed is the pack of 3 bottles, where you will save 70% of space. The teats are compatible with all bottles with a reduction ring to adapt to different sizes. You will also find some models made with glass... And designs by Stella Mc Cartney and Chloe!

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