Dekornik offers aesthetic wallpapers for the room of the little ones in the house. We have beautiful wallpapers with flowers, in the colors beige, salmon, orange, yellow... We have more than 60 patterns and most of them are made exclusively for us. We guarantee the quality of the materials and the printing method.


We have been manufacturing decorative vinyl for more than 10 years. We are by far the largest Polish company and we feel a great responsibility for that status. We handpick all of our designs and launch a new collection every 3-4 months. We have 4 designers to work exclusively with us, so everything you'll see on the next few pages, you'll see with no other company.


PICCOLINO - The tiny vinyls (only 30x30 cm) are useful for those who don't have a whole wall to decorate. Or those who are not sure if a decorative vinyl is the best option for them. Well, after trying our PICCOLINO Collection, you will be 100% convinced!


We set out to experiment with wood in 2017 by making small wooden shelves. But these two designs took us to another level! FANTASY THEATER. If you turn it around, you will discover that it is much more than a toy. It's also a big bookshelf! LARGE DOUBLE SIDED DOLLHOUSE with handle. Fun for the kids and very easy for the parents to order. The little ones and the big ones will love it!

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