Flamboyant Editorial

We want to encourage children's reading! We want to contribute to the development and intellectual wealth of the little ones through texts and images that awaken their imagination and artistic sensitivity, foster their empathy, enrich their points of view and help them to have their own ideas.

Creators of illusions

Flamboyant is an independent publisher founded in 2009 by Eva Jiménez Tubau and Patricia Martin. It was born with the intention of bringing small literary gems to children and parents who appreciate a good story, a careful illustration and an object, the book. We work with the best artists and authors in the creation, editing and distribution of high-quality works, both in Spanish and Catalan, so that all children can enjoy the pleasure of art and reading.

Our Objective

At Flamboyant we believe in the transforming force of reading, texts and images. Reading from a young age helps us to lead a richer life, to be more creative and empathetic people, as well as to develop ourselves intellectually and humanly. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that when a child reads in the company of an adult, their emotional ties are strengthened.

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