By Astrup

A world of toys, interior items and accessories for children. A luxury brand for children, byASTRUP® is one of 2 brands operated by the Danish company ASTRUP Group A/S. We are a passionate brand, putting our heart and soul into developing and designing unique wood and fabric products. ASTRUP creates beautiful childhood memories. Our intention is to create new adventures, where the game takes on completely new dimensions in a magical and adventurous world: a dream universe.

Luxury toys

The byASTRUP collection features luxury play furniture and toys with impressive details: dolls, prams, cribs and doll beds, accessories for dolls, dressing table, mirror, jewelry stands, makeup sets, hairdresser, barbershop, costumes, capes, skirts, veils...


MAMAMEMO® is one of the 2 toy brands operated by ASTRUP Group A/S. We are passionate about fun and colorful developmental toys that are meant to delight and benefit all children. Danish designed MAMAMEMO toys are high quality toys for both girls and boys aged 2-8. Most people know MAMAMEMO for our wooden play kitchens and play food. We design garden games, jump ropes, insect boxes, flower presses, etc. for playing and creative outdoor activities.

Role play

At MAMAMEMO, we decided to focus mainly on role play, creating toys that support this type of play : toy kitchens, tool bench, dolls and accessories, wood toys, toys for the garden, nature...

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