Alternative Classics

Hartford today offers a complete and modern wardrobe for men and women of all generations.

At Hartford, the ``Classics`` aspect is to be found in the fabric and the cuts: the garments are made from the finest European fabrics, such as French linen, cotton fabrics from Albini in Italy, Maruwa in Japan, or Liberty.
The Kids collection resumes the codes of Hartford : a casual wardrobe, the importance of fabrics and cuts, with a fun touch of color or trendy prints.

USA Inspiration

Hartford collections are steeped in the spirit of the 60s, from California to the Hamptons, from folk rock to the beginnings of surfing.

They are also impregnated with the images of the creator’s childhood home in the Landes region of France, tucked between the Atlantic Ocean and its wild dunes. Hartford became the brand for lovers of the sea and adepts of a chic and casual lifestyle.

Beach wear

From the Hamptons to the Landes.

Beachwear comes naturally to Hartford. Between American casual, Californian landscapes, the sun of the Landes and the chic of the Riviera, the collections are designed as lifestyle clothing to wear from the beach to the city.

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