We believe that the kid’s fashion future is brighter and more responsible. Our aim is to be a more ethical and sustainable brand, each day. Working hard being responsible, loving and being aware of other’s needs will provide a better future. Good things take time.


Embracing a slow way of life, thoughtfully and consciously. We can all make the difference. Doing things the right way can change the planet where kids will live. From design to manufacturing our process is both conscious and local. We are proud to say that My Little Cozmo is exclusively made in Barcelona.


Parts of our production are made in-house and the rest with local suppliers. This allows us to create jobs for local workers, keep manufacturing plants, control labor standards and have a better level of quality control. Local production further helps us to reduce our ecological footprint, minimize the waste disposal and achieve our sustainability goals.

¡ Tus marcas de MODA INFANTIL ya disponibles para pre pedidos !
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