In 2015, we started developing our own balance bike, applying all of our knowledge as toy sellers and cyclists during the process. We had great fun designing the perfect balance bike: durable, designed to last, and, to top it all, darned good-looking to boot! The result: the Trybike, which is exactly the kind of bike we would have loved to have had as kids.


We spent 1.5 years in the development, made 34 prototypes, had seven test pilots brutally mistreat prototypes and then finally we were satisfied. Designed and tested in the Netherlands. Unfortunately producing bikes in the Netherlands or Europe is too expensive, but we found a small factory in China that makes the Trybike in a nice way. With respect for environment and respect for humans. We are proud of our factory in China and its employees. Meanwhile we became really good friends.


We make the Trybike as sustainable as possible with respect for our planet and for our fellow man. This began at the design stage by creating a strong and high-quality product that lasts. Also, by choosing the correct materials. Minimize plastic and for example not use cotton because cotton, organic or not, is hugely environmentally damaging. We use certified wood, recycled board and only quality and safe materials. We are on track in terms of sustainability but not yet where we want to be. It can always be better, and we always look for those improvements.

LIEWOOD Spring/Summer 2025 - Available for pre-order!
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