Because kids always want to copy the grown-ups, especially when it comes to fashion. With super gentle formulas, colouring-book packaging and bright colours, nailmatic has turned make-up into child’s play! Our packaging is the fruit of intense co-design sessions with OMY Design & Play, a graphic design studio specialising in creating colouring-in treasures.


Made in France, ecological, vegan and cruelty free! The nail polish, a gentle, water-based product that is 100% safe, 100% made in France and 100% fun! Made from apricot kernel oil, Rollette is a tasty treatment to be applied at will. Let's just roll! Nailmatic introduces its range of bath products made especially for children, because there’s an art to creating a safe but pleasurabubble bath time! And more irresistible products!


Our nail polishes go beyond colours towards a cleaner nail beauty, to go along with our eco-friendly lifestyles. We favour the shortest circuits possible for a reduced carbon footprint. Our mission? See life in colours (more than ever) and make polishes part of a more conscious type of beauty: starring our exclusive collection PURE color.


An extensive range of colors to choose from! From water-based polishes, to eco-friendly lavender nail polish removers, essential nail care treatments, manicure and pedicure accessories, and lab kits to create your own polish. Incredible products for personal care and respect for the environment.

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